新成员取向 is the final step in the 会员 process before your 应用程序 can be approved by the GKAR董事会s.

在提交你的 应用程序 and payment, you will be registered for the next available orientation course. This required course must be completed within two consecutive orientation sessions of your membership 应用程序.

2021年面向会话 & 日程安排

联系 会员 for current completion information.

  • 1月20日th, 21st, 22nd ——虚拟
  • 3月24日th, 25th, 26th ——虚拟
  • 5月26日th, 27th, 28th ——虚拟
  • 6月23日rd, 24th, 25th——虚拟
  • 8月25日th, 26th, 27th
  • 9月22日nd, 23rd, 24th  
  • 11月17日th, 18th, 19th  - 下载进度(PDF)


会话 和讲师


The 道德规范 and Standards of Practice are the Rules of Engagement for 房地产经纪人S®. The enforceable 道德规范 establishes the ethical duties that all 房地产经纪人S® agree to follow as a condition of their 会员. These duties provide a high level of service and professionalism to clients/customers and are the key factor separating 房地产经纪人S® from all other real e状态 practitioners.

All New Members Must Complete the 房地产经纪人® 道德规范 New Member Course

  • 截止日期: 30 days to complete and pass the exam
  • 访问 房地产经纪人(右) 道德规范 New Member Course (Free) 通过以下链接: 道德规范
  • 你需要你的 ”ID to register to take this course. If you need assistance to obtain your log-in, please contact
  • Once you receive your 道德规范 completion certificate via email, please forward a copy to 作为完成的证明.

Origins of the 道德规范



This session is designed to introduce new Members to forms that are made available to them through GKAR. 形式 reviewed will include: disclosures, service provision agreements, Buy & Sell Agreement, and other affiliated forms.


会员有其回报! When you join GKAR, you also join the 状态 association Michigan 房地产经纪人S®, and the National Association of 房地产经纪人S®, which means you now have access to a wealth of tools and resources to help you build your network, 市场业务, increase your professional knowledge, give back and get involved with the community, and ultimately accelerate your real e状态 career. When you attend 知道你的协会, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your local, 状态, and national Member Rewards Programs to ensure you maximize your 会员 dollars.  

NAR 2020 新成员取向


Multiple Listing Services (美国职业足球大联盟)

Learn the basics of flexmls and all related 美国职业足球大联盟 products offered by the Association. The Association offers a number of resources as Member benefits. New Members will become acquainted with what the products are used for, a basic understanding on how to use the products, 以及去哪里找他们. Master where to find forms and further 美国职业足球大联盟 training classes offered by GKAR. Then delve into flexmls to learn the basics of the 美国职业足球大联盟 with hands on instruction.

An overview of the GKAR 美国职业足球大联盟 Policy will be given. 这包括, but isn't limited to: discussion on frequent Policy violations, fines associated with these violations, and where to find the Policy.


Spend time learning everything lockbox-related. Lockbox Policy and fines are discussed along with how to obtain lockboxes and costs associated with the boxes. Begin to understand the SentriSmart® mobile app and what features can be found at your fingertips. Experience a hands-on lesson with SentriLock lockboxes. This will include how to open a lockbox, 分配一个框到清单, 产生一天的代码, 和更多的!


When can I call myself a 房地产经纪人®?

Once licensed, you may call yourself a "licensed real e状态 salesperson" or "real e状态 agent." When you are approved by the GKAR董事会s and complete your GKAR 新成员取向, you may call yourself a "房地产经纪人®." This is a trademark term of the National Association of 房地产经纪人S® and is granted upon completion of all steps of membership. Until that time, an agent who has submitted 应用程序 and payment will have access to the 美国职业足球大联盟 and may work and be referred to as a Real E状态 Salesperson. 了解更多...

Make the Most of your 会员!

当你参与其中时, you open up a world of opportunities to build your network, 你的简历, 和你的生意. Take advantage of the exciting benefits and opportunities available to you at GKAR.


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